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Director of Hispanic Ministries

Eloy Gonzalez

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Brief Biography of Eloy Gonzalez


Title/Position: Hispanic Director of Missions for Rehoboth Baptist Association, Sulphur Springs, Texas since December of 2008


My name is Eloy Gonzalez.  I am fifty years old.  I am married to Lupita and have four children.  I was born and raised a Roman Catholic.  I am the first generation in my family to be born again, receiving His grace when I was 26 years old, in December, 1982.  At that time, I was working as a police officer.  Since Christ came in to my life, I could not stop sharing what Christ had done.  I soon realized that I love to evangelize.  Not knowing what I was doing, I continued evangelizing for 8 years.  In June 1989 I started helping a church that had no pastor.  In a business meeting I told many of my Hispanic and anglo brethren that I was not called to be a pastor.  Later on that day, in one of the church offices, I felt a tremendous fear that I had never known.  I then fell on my knees and said to My Lord “I will obey”.  On September 16, 1990, I was ordained and licensed to preach the gospel. Before my ordination and until now, I keep serving my Lord Jesus Christ to a dying world, edifying myself, and the Body of Christ with the Word of God.




Extension Night School at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

December 17, 1993  Graduated with a certificate In Christian Ministry

May 12, 1995 Received a diploma in Ministry Training

December 13, 2001 Received a diploma in Pastoral Ministries

(Countless hours studying on my own and other church planting courses)


I have been attending Southwestern Seminary Extension Classes for approximately 11 years, for which I am so thankful to God.  I also have been involved in other Bible studies, including Leaders Edge, a study course for pastors composed of 4 weeks of intensive study and prayer.  It seems the more I study, the more I need to grow. Setting my eyes on Him only, not on anyone else, how I stand before Him is very challenging. I don’t wish to share this with embarrassment, but with true understanding of the Word of God.


Before being called as a pastor, I was in Pharr, Texas for 2 ½  years at Gracia Abundante Baptist Church serving under the leadership of Pastor Grover Blankenship where the Lord started to work in me as a spiritual infant.  After that I was in Cleburne, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Evodio Rios for 4 years.


Pastoral Service:


Primera Iglesia Bautista in Godley, Texas –5 years, 1989-94

Primera Iglesia Bautista in Plainview, Texas—3 ½ years, 1994-98

Harwood Terrace in Bedford, Texas—9 ½ years, 1998-2007


Former President of Tarrant Baptist Association, Hispanic Churches/ Pastors


Evangelistic Service:

I have served for 23 years preaching and teaching locally, as well as guiding people to Christ in several parts of Mexico and other countries.  During this time, I have ministered to pastors and churches in many areas of ministry, including Vacation Bible School, Bible studies, discipling, and construction.


Honduras:  I shared and preached in schools, led open air meetings in villages, and preached in churches in Tegualcialpa and also at San Pedro Azula Penitentiary.


Imperatriz, Brazil: I spent 2 weeks at Indian Tribe and Peniel Bible Institute+, helping to grow the work there.


Mexico:  Mission trips with Red Oaks Baptist Church( groups of 15-25) , and also with Harwood Terrace Baptist (groups of 30-35) from 2004-2006.Mission trip with New Beginnings Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs, Texas (group of 30-40), June, July 2007.                Mission Trip with First Baptist Church, Tyler (group of 25-30), July 2007